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Optical Diagnostics

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Aniseikonia Inspector



Vision Inspector Pro

Vision Inspector Pro

About the company

Dr. Ir. Gerard de WitOptical diagnostics is owned by Gerard C. de Wit, PhD, clinical physicist. It was founded in Seattle, WA, in 2000 and is currently located in Beusichem, the Netherlands.  The core business of the company is to develop optometric / ophthalmic software and to carry out technical / scientific consulting work in the field of vision, optical design, and software development.



  • After a one year positive field test, the Vision Inspector Pro™ (VIP) has been released for the general professional eye care community. The VIP is accurate and user-friendly software to be used for testing visual acuity and contrast sensitivity at different luminance levels.
  • The Aniseikonia Inspector™ version 3 is now based on a forced choice procedure and has improved and new options to design an iseikonic correction with ease.